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Solo Exhibition at The Mason Gallery

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Wild Impressions
Abstract Art of Animals and Flowers

Unlock the artistic imagination with "Wild Impressions: The Abstract Art of Animals and Flowers," a stunning new exhibit by the visionary artist Becky. Join us at The Manos Gallery, located at 320 E 5th Ave, Tarentum, PA, on June 8th, 2024, for the Artists Reception from 3pm-6pm.

This captivating show will take you on a visual journey through Becky's unique perspective on animals and flowers, as she blends geometric shapes, influences of cubism, and the beauty of nature into her abstract masterpieces.

In her animal series, Becky draws inspiration from the intricate patterns and forms found in the animal kingdom, transforming them into vibrant, geometric compositions that challenge the viewer’s perception and ignite the imagination. These pieces stand as a testament to the artist’s ability to evoke the essence of her subjects while pushing the boundaries of abstract art.

Complementing this is her collection of contemporary abstract works, where floral elements intertwine with animal forms, creating a harmonious and dynamic dialogue between the two. Each piece invites viewers to discover new connections and meanings, making it a truly immersive experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Becky in person during the Artists Reception and delve into the creative process behind her extraordinary works. Engage in enriching conversations and be among the first to witness her latest creations, which promise to leave a lasting impression.

Mark your calendars and prepare to be enchanted by "Wild Impressions: The Abstract Art of Animals and Flowers." This is a must-see event for art lovers and enthusiasts alike. See you there!

Welcome to Becky Frazier Fine Art

Fine Art Paintings and Pet Portraiture

Becky Frazier is a Pittsburgh, PA based artist specializing in fine art paintings and pet portraiture. Her work showcases the beauty of the natural world and the bond between pets and their owners. Click here to explore her portfolio.

Abstract Animal Original Paintings in Gallery
Custom Pet Portrait Dog

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Artist Pittsburgh

About Becky Frazier

Born in Flint, Michigan, and having moved through the vibrant landscapes of Cleveland, Ohio, Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, Becky finally found her home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1989. This artist's journey began in the early years of life with an innate desire always to draw and color. Even as a child, Becky displayed an extraordinary attentiveness to detail, meticulously coloring within the lines and spending countless hours immersed in creativity.
High school marked a notable period in her development, where art took precedence over academic studies. Becky excelled in her art classes, often achieving top marks and winning awards—proof of her undeniable talent. While her pursuit of formal education continued into college with further art classes, a different passion led her to a 28-year-long career in veterinary medicine. Here, the love for animals and a dedication to their well-being took center stage. Still, the heart's murmur of artistic calling never ceased. In 2016, the demands and stresses of veterinary medicine rekindled her creative flame. She began creating hyper-realistic pet portraits in pastels, capturing the souls and personalities of the animals she adored.

Becky's work is a symphony of her passions—animals, florals, and the natural world, all woven together with an appreciation for abstract and contemporary art. Each piece usually features an animal that intrigued her, chosen for its unique traits and beauty. Her creative process is defined by practice and perseverance, flowing naturally as inspiration strikes. Decades of creating hyper-realistic pet portraits have honed her skills in light, shadow, composition, and hues, contributing to the unique style present in her other series work. Becky’s art stands apart due to its authenticity and an apparent defiance of trends—she creates in the moment, directed by inspiration.

Among her favorite projects is her pet portraiture, a labor of love that immortalizes the bond between animals and their owners. These works hold significant value, encapsulating not just the likeness but the spirit of her subjects. Influenced by many traditional artists of the past and modern artists she discovers through social media, Becky remains ever-curious and continually evolving. Her works have appeared at the Etna Art Fair for the past two years and have been exhibited at The Manos Gallery in both group and solo exhibitions, the latter scheduled for June 2024. Starting from her high school accolade of a Gold Key award, her journey has been marked by captivating creations that bring color, vitality, and narrative to every space they adorn.

Beyond the canvas, Becky is a stalwart advocate for animal welfare. She donates 10% of her portrait proceeds to the Rivers Veterinary Urgent Care PAWS Fund, ensuring pets in life-threatening emergencies receive urgent care. Additionally, she supports numerous non-profit organizations within the Pittsburgh area, striving to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals in her community.

Looking forward, Becky envisions a future where she transitions to a full-time artist upon concluding her remarkable career in veterinary medicine. Every creation adds to her narrative, reflecting her values of compassion, beauty, and the interconnectedness of life. With a persistent joy in every minute dedicated to creation, Becky aims to share her visions and art with the world. She believes in the transformative power of art in society, touching lives, and bringing communities together through shared experiences of beauty and expression. Her journey, ever-evolving, continues to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and the irreplaceable bond between humans and animals.


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